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Short Message Service Centre (SMSC)

Compliant with all major industry standards, the Atrinet SMSC’s modular architecture enables mobile operators to share components, centralize functions and reduce complexity as they transition to 4G and 5G, with high-availability and cost-effective scalability, We support many different deployment models: private cloud, public cloud, including NFV and more. The Atrinet SMSC marked as the strongest SMSC in the world with support of 150K TPS Contact us for more information

Short Message Service Centre Firewall (SMSC-FW)

The SMS Firewall / Anti-Fraud feature sets contain the relevant set of tools to prevent the illegal use of the SMS, as defined in the GSMA Fraud Prevention document IR.71. The Firewall support all the relevant flows and include: Spoofing Protection, Faking Protection, Spamming Protection, Flooding Protection, Class-0 / Flash SM blocking, Number Conversions and blocking, Content-Based Filtering, Personalized content- based filtering, Personalized white and black list and more… Contact us for more information

4G & IMS & 5G connectivity (IP-SM-GW & SMSF)

The Atrinet IP-SM-GW & SMSF provides a complete system solution to enable network migration of SMS service into IMS & 5G Core (NAS or SA). Taking the role of SMS-router, it also acts as a gateway between CS and PS domains and enable SMS service interworking between the domains. The IP-SM-GW & SMSF Network Function is available as optional features of the Atrinet SMSC product and can be deployed combined with 2G/3G/4G SMSC or as separate cloud native network service component. Contact us for more information

Messaging Gateway & Messaging CPaaS (SMS-GW)

The Atrinet SMS-GW is not only for SMS, we support huge number of messaging protocols and extremely high performance, all with dedicated API’s with ability to control the API’s and users. Using our system you can create campaign with SMS API, email API, Google RCS API, WhatsApp API, MMSC API and more, allow you the most flexible solution for A2P & P2A traffic We support many different deployment models: private cloud, public cloud, including NFV and more. Contact us for more information

Multimedia Messaging Service Centre (MMSC)

An NFV-ready MMSC optimized for the efficient and secure delivery of A2P and P2P multimedia messages to all subscribers independent of handset type or installed apps. Contact us for more information

Voice Mail System (VMS)

A carrier-class centralized unified messaging system that terminates voice calls and records messages to accommodate the evolving preferences and usage patterns of Smartphone users. The VMS can be provided with support for the Visual Voicemail user experience. Contact us for more information

USSD Gateway

USSD Gateway provides connectivity for GSM and 4G IMS networks and supports thousands of interactive, customer self-care, mobile-banking and infotainment services across 5 continents. Contact us for more information

PPG & Push Notification Gateway

Push Notification (PNot) Gateway extends the reach of enterprise messaging into the realm of the SmartPhone, to deliver highly engaging, personalized messages directly to the user’s home screen. Contact us for more information

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